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Gun to your Head -

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Gun to your Head - Ok let's get this straight right off the bat, we are not condoning violence, or guns it's a figure of speech. Also since it seems 90% of TV shows are about violence and shooting people take that for what it's worth. But let's do a quick survey, gun to your head, you taking the Strat or the Les Paul. Quick you have 5 seconds, pick one now, SAY IT SAY IT ! 

Ok pycho....Good Answer....in my best Sam Kinison voice. Me I would say Stratocaster, years ago I would have said Les Paul in 2 seconds, but I have found the single coil life is best for me. It just has a transparency and more toneful sound to me, the Les Paul seems to get a bit muddy and also harder to dial in a tone. Maybe it's the pickups I use I don't know but the Strat life is just the best for me. Now if you say Les Paul Hey ! We didn't say you have to agree with us, just make a decision based on preference and passion. Passion is the basis of life and the basis of playing the guitar and the basis of tone. More on that soon....PUT THE GUN DOWN !! Comment below and explain your choice. YOU HAVE 5 SECONDS