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Father's Day Special


Father's Day Special - This weekend is Father's Day and that means savings of 15 % of guitar gear ! Grab Dad a gift or let him pick something out for himself at a great 15% savings. If he plays guitar and like's guitar pedals be it Fuzz pedals - Compressors - Delays - Wah Wah. CODE DAD2018 will get him a great deal ! 

Source Audio Nemesis and Ventris Reverb and Delay Pedals

Source Audio Nemesis and Ventris Reverb and Delay Pedals - Source Audio is really a small company that make HUGE TONEFUL guitar pedals. I just love the Nemesis and Ventris pedals, they just are so toneful and clean for reverb and delay respectfully. The Nemesis fills all the details you need for delay with long and [...]

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Greenhouse Deity Reverb Pedal

Greenhouse Deity Reverb Pedal - Greenhouse has produced a incredible immersive Reverb pedal of guitar splash tone. Deity is toneful, clear but not brittle, giving the guitar a beautiful 3d reverb dimension for your tone. Many toneful options 3 modes offer luxurious options for exploration like a rotating room effect, adjustable up and down octaves and [...]

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When You Step On It

When You Step On It - What I mean by this statement is when you step on a guitar pedal what happens ? If your not feeling a jolt of excitement and passion well something is wrong with what your stepping on. Guitar pedals, Stompboxs, Guitar Toys aren't just to play with they are to [...]

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PettyJohn Gold Overdrive Guitar Pedal

PettyJohn lets be honest they make some of the highest grade pedals for tone in the business. The Gold the British plus overdrive is back in stock the first batch sold out in 2 days. If you want on of these wonderful tone machines you better jump http://www.musictoyz.com/pettyjohn-electronics/

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This Day In Music !

On this Day in 1967 1967, The Beatles began recording 'A Day In The Life' at Abbey Road studios London, recording four takes of the new song. According to Lennon, the inspiration for the first two verses was the death of Tara Browne, the 21-year-old heir to the Guinness fortune who had crashed his Lotus [...]

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Empress EchoSystem IS IN STOCK AGAIN !

Empress EchoSystem IS IN STOCK AGAIN ! - Empress EchoSystem sells out everytime it shows up with reason. It is just a killer delay so powerful and natual like NO OTHER. The boys in Canada sent some down to us, they should be here Wednesday Spanning the gambit of known delay possibilities and beyond, the Echosystem [...]

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Klon KTR Next Batch Next Week !

Klon KTR Next Batch Next Week ! The Famous Klon KTR pedal is coming next week, as always these will sell out next week so if you want to grab the famous boost crunch overdrive pedal you need to jump now. The Klon is a legendary pedal created by William Finnegan that has been copied but [...]

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Tru-Fi Colordriver in Chrome

Tru-Fi pedals has been building a ton of Colordriver's this week but this one in polished aluminum is just killer. It's a take off of the Colorsound Power Driver and or Overdriver and was used by Jeff Beck and David Gilmour. This guitar fuzz pedal's have GREAT tone and look amazing retro vintage cool. 

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Xotic AC/RC Oz Noy Combo Guitar Pedal

Xotic AC/RC Oz Noy Combo Guitar Pedal Xotic has combine two their famous and wonderful guitar tone machines the RC clean boost and the AC creamy warm overdrive pedal into one compact unit. Now you can stack these two pedals to get thick transparent tone like no other. As Oz Noy stated “The magic really happens when [...]

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