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Are We Playing The Pedals Or Are The Pedals Playing Us ?

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Are We Playing The Pedals Or Are The Pedals Playing Us ? - Over the years I have seen comments on the internet "Ohh I don't use pedals" - "Ohhh I just need that one special pedal and I will find that tone" - "Ohhh I just love new pedals" - "Ohhh he suck's he uses too many effects".  The rainbow of comments of what is proper in the amount of pedals, or if one should in fact use guitar pedals is just astonishing. This is also is coupled with modern post-internet society if I don't have it it's worthless, if I do own it it's the shit. Which get's us to our conversation what is the proper amount of guitar pedals for someone to use 

I am gonna be quite frank here, you know what the proper amount of guitar pedal tonnage for you is ?? 

Whatever the F you want. DONE ! This is as ludicris as someone commenting on a Van Gogh painting  "Ohh he uses too many colors". Now this actual maybe a comment in the snob art world, and maybe that's the term "snob" as in "guitar snob". But it's art you do whatever you desire and need to do to "inspire" you to play guitar, create, and express yourself. If your a purest and just need a cord to the amp and go - awesome. Maybe your a Elliott Sharp type who creates textures and landscapes using multiple reverbs and sometimes up to 4 delay pedals, with modulating pitch shifters. If this is your art your passion then get two big boards and load up on the tone machines. We could also talk about who you are as playe, Blue's cat's are looking for overdrive, metal guys distortion, experimental guy's delay and ring modulation, modern guy's reverb, delay, overdrive, chorus, and on and on. 

Most important stop listening to others, stop commenting on others un-less asked. Start creating, start playing, and be you - you need zero guitar pedals or 15 guitar pedals enjoy it. 

Passion is life !