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Pedal Blowouts upto 50%

This is the blowout section where great deals are found. We no longer planned to carry this guitar pedal line, or they have been here too long. But they are new and in the box !! HEAVY SAVINGS !

  • Wampler Catapulp Guitar Pedal
    Wampler Catapulp Guitar Pedal
    Brand New in the Box Several months ago Brian was approached to design a pedal that could faithfully reproduce the tones of a specific citrus colored, British amp made famous by artists like Jimmy Page, Weezer, Queens of...
    $199.97 $139.95
  • Greedtone Fuzz
    Greedtone Fuzz
    BRAND NEW AND IN THE BOX Excellent Fuzz Pedal, without the temperature sensitivity of the germanium transistors used in vintage fuzz pedals. This pedal will sound the same every time. Years were spent designing this pedal...
    $299.95 $149.95
  • Jack Deville Electronics Deuce Coupe Overdrive
    Jack Deville Electronics Deuce Coupe Overdrive
    NEW AND IN THE BOX !    Jack Deville Electronics Deuce Coupe Overdrive  Deuce Coupe is a tone machine specializing in the overdrive realm, with a wide range of amplifier-breakup, boost, crunch, and...
    $179.95 $99.95
  • Greedtone CLASSIC Overdrive
    Greedtone CLASSIC Overdrive
    BRAND NEW AND IN THE BOX The Greedtone Classic combines a wide variety of amazing tones with incredible dynamics that allow you to play lightly yet achieve a nice, rich, full, clean tone. Think dynamic distortion. Strum a...
    $249.95 $149.95
  • Menatone El Pulso Caliente Pedal
    Menatone El Pulso Caliente Pedal
    BRAND NEW AND IN THE BOX  The Menatone El Pulso Caliente is just a great, simple, vintage sounding Trem. Made in the USA.
    $199.95 $124.95
  • DLS Reckless Driver Guitar Pedal
    DLS Reckless Driver Guitar Pedal
    Welcome to the DLS Reckless Driver Distortion/Overdrive. “It’s an Overdrive when you want it, and a Reckless Distortion when you need it!” The beauty of this effect is that by using the clean Mix and Gain...
    $149.00 $119.00
  • Providence Stampede OD
    Providence Stampede OD
    NEW AND IN THE BOX !  A wide dynamic range of overdrive sounds. The Providence SOV-2 Stampede OD pedal is designed to deliver natural overdrive without obscuring the inherent characteristics and tone of the guitar...
    $229.00 $149.95
  • Providence Stampede DT
    Providence Stampede DT
    NEW AND IN THE BOX !  Wide Range Distortion Using the same low-noise power supply up-converter circuit as the Stampede OD SOV-2 overdrive pedal, the output of a single 9-volt battery is increased to a level that is...
    $229.00 $149.95
  • Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator
    Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator
    BRAND NEW AND IN THE BOX Pigtronix Quantum Time Modulator produces a parallel universe of analog time stretching effects with only three knobs and a single switch. Reflecting the fundamental principals of modern atomic...
    $199.00 $139.95