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Guitar Cables

Any time you play guitar, it is important to have all the right equipment, and this is most important when gigging. While you might have the perfect guitar and a top of the line amplifier with all of the hottest guitar pedals, you still need cables to connect the whole system together. Without the right cables, no one will ever hear your excellent guitar tones. Additionally, instrument cables are just as specialized as the guitars and amps they are being plugged in to, so it is important to grab the right ones, too. At Music Toyz, we stock tons of guitar cables from brands like Fulltone and Lava Cables, so you can always be sure you have the correct cables-- and enough of them!

Short, right angled cables were made to connect guitar pedals in a series, so if you are setting up a new pedal board, be certain to have enough angled end cables on hand to connect everything together. If you are a gigging musician, snag a couple of longer guitar cables to be ready for the stage and avoid technical difficulties. And if you took the time select the right guitar and amp for your playing style, you deserve to have a quality guitar cable that carries the highest quality sounds. At Music Toyz, we have spent 17 years helping guitarist get the most out of their playing. Our goal is to inspire musicians to make music, and with our wide selection of guitar cables, we hope you’ll be playing more often, too. And when you order online from Music Toyz, we offer FREE shipping on all US orders over $99!

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  • Orange Guitar Cables
    Orange Guitar Cables
    Orange Professional guitar cables are manufactured using the finest components available, including the highest grade copper. The use of oxygen free copper ensures optimum clarity and articulation. The dense braided shield...