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Famous Guitar Pedal User


Famous Guitar Pedal User - Old photo of Jimi Hendrix Vox Wah and Fuzz Face guitar pedal user. The man who made pedals relevant in guitar culture back his day in a "dune buggy". Let your Freak Flag fly

Top 5 Guitar Solo's of All Time

Top 5 Guitar Solo's of All Time - Let's just throw down the gloves and get it on BAMMM ! This should invoke chaos, confusion, debate and protests around the globe. Name your top 5 ! Hendrix, Van Halen, Zappa, Rush Alex Lifeson, Brad Paisley, Jerry the Dead, Gilmour, come on that's the best you got. [...]

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Fulltone Custom Shop DejaVibe and Wahfull NEW

Fulltone Custom Shop DejaVibe and Wahfull NEW - Wonderful New pedals from Fulltone the king of quality guitar pedals. The Wahfull was made for Robin Trower and Joe Satriani as a one off, but finally has come to life for the killer honk guitar tone. It's basically a wah that is set in one spot [...]

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Dunlop Jimi Mini Fuzz Face !!

The last of the mini fuzz faces has the arrive the allusive Jimi Mini...Killer idea to make these mini FFs. In todays pedal world board space is so critical to put all the toyz you want on your board and not build a pedal surfboard. Now the retro Fuzz Face the size of a cupcake [...]

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