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Rockett Pedals or J Rockett Audio Design !

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Rockett Pedals or J Rockett Audio Design ! - Their Back all the J Rockett Pedals be in the Allan Holdsworth, who just recently passed away very sadly. but the name sake pedal has a mild overdrive and wonderful boost section that makes this just a guitar tone generator. But the big one is the J. ROCKETT ROCKAWAY ARCHER GUITAR OVERDRIVE PEDAL which is just so powerful. It is an overdrive pedal but also includes a 6 band equalizer that makes guitar tone sculpting that more easy and powerful. It is not just a bass and a treble, it is six tone knobs in one. So you can really dial in the tone your looking for. Steve Stevens who is a Musictoyz customer was involved with this pedal, and let me tell you Steve is a real guitar tone warrior. He knows tone, he search's for tone all day, and this is a powerful tool he helped create to get to the promised land of tone !