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Chase Bliss Audio Brothers Pedal

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Chase Bliss Audio Brothers Pedal - Alot of anticipation for Chase Bliss to release their first non-modulation pedal and pure tone machine. The Brothers covers just so much territory on the sonic guitar landscape it's crazy, you can pick from fuzz, boost and overdrive sections. Plus each of those have unique sections it's about 30 different drive tones in one box before the tone sculpting. Just a crazy amount of sounds for one box as all Chase Bliss products, with their dip/flip switch's and internal power. You get about 6 pedals in one box ! So the versatility is amazing, maybe you could dare we say it take some pedal off the board. 

Chase Bliss is made in the USA, tremendous guys and gals who run this place. They work their ass off producing these products and have built themselves a company that they can be proud of and your guitar ear's will love.