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JHS Andy Timmons Overdrive/Distortion guitar pedal

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Andy Timmons, just a killer player with high gain to die for and chops to match. Listen to any of his recording's and the guy can just play, the most underrated guitar player in the world. NOW you can have a piece of Andy's tone to creat your own high gain distortion overdrive gain guitar sound. The JHS AT Drive is Andy Timmons's signature overdrive and is his take on the JHS Pedals Angry Charlie. With the AT Drive, Andy stayed very close tonally to his inspiration, but he added a couple options to make his pedal more versatile. The 3-way headroom switch gives you the gain and response of 25-, 50-, and 100-watt amplifiers. And the Air control fine tunes the high frequencies to help the pedal work well through any amp. So if you're looking to nail Andy Timmons's lead guitar tone, the AT Drive is the pedal that will get you there.

JHS Pedals AT (Andy Timmons) Drive Effects Pedal at a Glance:

  • The Andy Timmons Tone
  • 3-way headroom switch
  • Works with any amp

The Andy Timmons Tone

A cranked British-style amplifier has always been the core of Andy Timmons's sound. But Andy found himself sometimes having to play through unfamiliar amplifiers and struggling to get his tone. That's why he bonded so quickly with JHS's British amp-in-a-box pedal the Angry Charlie. By adding a couple of options to this design, his signature AT Drive is able to get his identifiable singing tone through any clean amplifier. And its wide range of gain helps Andy keep all the nuance that his sound is famous for.

3-way headroom switch

The biggest difference from the Angry Charlie is the AT Drive's 3-way headroom switch. JHS describes this feature as a way to get real 25-, 50-, and 100-watt tube amp performance from a pedal. The 100-watt mode has the most headroom and clarity. The 50-watt position gives you a touch of compression to simulate a cranked amp's power section. And the 25-watt setting is the most compressed and overdriven. Sweetwater players love this setting for a boutique low-watt amp sound.

Works with any amp

Avoiding high-end fizz is very important when using distortion pedals and was paramount to Andy when designing the AT Drive. The Air control lets you dial in the highest frequencies of the pedal to whatever amplifier you are running. If it's a dark amp, you can run the control a bit higher. Pull it back for a really aggressive sounding amp. This knob makes the AT Drive especially wonderful for players who often play through rental or unfamiliar amplifiers.

JHS Pedals AT (Andy Timmons) Drive Effects Pedal Features:

  • Andy Timmons signature overdrive pedal
  • Driven British amp-in-a-box
  • 3-way headroom switch varies gain and response
  • Air control tunes the high frequencies

Product Videos

That Pedal Show - Andy Timmons Talks Tone TheGigRig G2 Mesa Boogie Lone Star (12:45)
*PLEASE PLAY IN HD WHERE POSSIBLE! We were so blessed to have the opportunity to hang and talk tone with one of my favourite guitarists and possibly the coolest guy ever, the always wonderful Andy Timmons. We talk tone concepts, check out TheGigRig G2 on his board, go through his pedals, plus we catch some absolutely stellar guitar playing from the man himself. Enjoy!
  • That Pedal Show - Andy Timmons Talks Tone TheGigRig G2 Mesa Boogie Lone Star
    *PLEASE PLAY IN HD WHERE POSSIBLE! We were so blessed to have ...

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  1. Close to reproducing the tone of the Mesa Lone Star Classic channel 2 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jul 2017

    This pedal comes very close to reproducing the tone of my Mesa Lone Star Class channel 2.

    I put the pedal in front of Deluxe Reverb (Treb 5,Bass 6).
    Suhr Standard with Dimarzio Air Norton, Fred(neck)
    EQ,Air and Drive set a 12:00.

    1. Switch in middle - very close to LS with Drive and Gain at 12noon.
    2. Switch position down - LS w/Drive and Gain 2:00

    Tone is very smooth and very responsive to picking and cleans up nice when backing down volume control.

    Cons -
    1. I wish the EQ and Air was more responsive. Haven't tried with true single coil, although split on my DiMarzios sounded nice.
    2. Didn't care for the up position on switch. Too much volume loss and too compressed.