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Young Pedal Pusher Henry Kohen


Young Pedal Pusher Henry Kohen - Hey quick shout out to a young pedal pusher who is just a killer modern musician. Watch the video on the bottom the young lad plays crazy modern guitar with tons of pedals, also sings, hits looping machines just very talented young musician. It's about time the guitar community starts to salute young guns, or otherwise will just a be a terrible old club of old farts waiting for Jimi to reappear. Embrace new music, support new guitar players, think out of the British Blues era gone by ! Yes you have your guitar hero's but let's get some new one's for the new generation ! 

Henry immediately reminds me of The Edge, lot's of echo. You can also hear Matt Bellamy as he throws in sparse fuzz tone's from his guitar pedal army on the floor, but the guy is original, innovative and raw. LOT's of energy breaking barriers and boxs of what is guitar music ! Henry we salute you and fuzz on ! His site is HERE !