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Pettyjohn Pedals from Albany, Oregon

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Pettyjohn Pedals from Albany, Oregon - I have been doing this for almost 20 years, very easy to become jaded but still every so often something comes along that your just pumped about. Something like the first time you plugged in a Les Paul and played way too loud. It's just a pump. Pettyjohn Electronics from Oregon is company that has HUGE ambitions and HUGE goals, and they are after it. Their quality in building is almost militaristic in wiring, that's an aweful term because both partners are very caring, musical, family, chilled guys. But my god the quality of these guitar pedals is par none. 

From the article we wrote earlier in the week, where does the money go, and you get what you pay for. These pedals are exactly what we where talking about. You pay for quality and this is what you get. TONE at the ass, these acitve analog circuits the react and play like vintage amps and recording pre-amps/consoles. This is tone - this is Pettyjohn