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Boss Waza Craft Guitar Pedals

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Boss Waza Craft Guitar Pedals - Boss released the TU-3w Waza guitar tuner pedal. We are so impressed with the "Waza" which in Japanese means art and technique, which is so appropriate for BOSS's premium line of redesigned guitar effects pedals. The now have five in the Waza line, the incredible DM-2w Analog Delay Waza guitar pedal, the VB-2w Vibrator Waza, the BD-1w Blues Driver Waza, the classic SD-1w Waza Overdrive and the soon to be released CE-1w Classic Chorus Ensemble Waza guitar pedal.

These pedal are just a wonderful step up the ladder in the terms of tone, construction and quality from Boss. Once again Boss quickly taking it's sit back at the top builders of guitar pedals in the world.