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The Return of Pete Cornish Pedals


The Return of Pete Cornish Pedals - Pete Cornish a legendary pedal, cable and pedalboard builder for almost 50 years is back. First batch we went with the battery free pedals, which are small for todays powered pedalboards. There is no doubt of the quality, and tone these are epic pedals of the highest order. As always they are limited Click To GO 

Seymour Duncan Pickup shipment

Musictoyz.com : Just got a shipment of @seymourduncanpickups and updating a Nash Les Paul with Antiquities for a more vintage tone. We sell a ton of Seymour still one of the best choices for price and tone. The Antiquiity line is especially interesting because they are producing pickups that people pay 10s of thousands of [...]

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Zvex Clear Fuzz Factory ! LAST ONE

Musictoyz.com : @Zvex clear Fuzz Factory is just very cool, we have sold a bunch and we have no idea if they will EVER be available again. Soooooo if you want one I would suggest you jump now, you can see the circuit board at the top inside ! There is only ONE of these [...]

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Return of the Barber Tone Press

Return of the Barber Tone Press - Dave Barber created one of the first parallel compressor guitar pedal that was affordable over 10 years. First it was full size, and then he came out with the present day smaller version which is and was VERY popular. About 4 months ago, Barber had a part discontinued [...]

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Pete Townshend Red Univox Super Fuzz

Musictoyz.com : Being Fuzz Detective's we found this great old photo of @petetownshend_ using a Red Univox Super Fuzz which was his fuzz of choice late 60s to early 70s. I love this Fuzz from Live at Leeds as it makes his Hiwatts go insane during Tommy medley. Check the Tru-Fi Super Fuzz out [...]

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Zvex Fuzz Factory in Clear ! LIMITED

Zvex Fuzz Factory in Clear ! LIMITED - Zvex for over 20 years has been at the forefront of cool guitar pedals that are new and different. They also have been the leader of cool and interesting paint and packaging and now they have out done themselves. The have released a LIMTED clear enclosure version [...]

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Dawner Prince Boonar Echo Pedal is IN STOCK !

Dawner Prince Boonar Echo Pedal is IN STOCK ! The incredible Boonar echo pedal that is setup so much like a vintage echorec delay box from the 60s it is crazy. Those looking fo Pink Floyd David Gilmour tones this is a wonderful box, put this with a Tru-Fi Colordriver and you are on your [...]

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Dr. Scientist Atmosphere Reverb Pedal

Dr. Scientist Atmosphere Reverb Pedal : We have a fresh batch of Dr Scientist Atmosphere pedals that is just so advanced and unique it is beyond this small review. They are a tweaker's heaven, with reverb programmability out the ying yang for all your spacial needs. Standard Reverbs, and experimental with ton's of parameters and [...]

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Ross Pedals are SHIPPING !

Ross Pedals are SHIPPING ! - The re-issue of the famous Ross Compressor and Distortion are not just smoke they are actually here and SHIPPING ! These boxs are exactly like the 70s, with their same unique enclosures. The tone and what everyone desires in the compressor is exact FEEL THE SQUEEZE ! The demand [...]

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Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe Mk II Guitar Univibe Pedal

Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe Mk II Guitar Univibe Pedal -  Got a shipment of Fulltone Mini Dejavibes MK II the Mini version - I love this picture next to an @Iphone which shows just how small it has become. But do NOT let the size fool you the tone is bigger than ever and you can [...]

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