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MXR Shin-Juku Drive Dumble Overdrive - We got them in today, a very rare and limited MXR Custom Shop pedal the Shin-Juku Drive. There will only be 2500 made world wide of these cool pedals. They are modeled after this rare Dumble Drive from Shin Juku in Japan that goes for CRAZY money on the internet. If your looking for that high gain smooth dumble sound, well I would jump on this little guitar pedal today GOTO PEDAL

Island Guitar Pedal Choices !

Island Guitar Pedal Choices ! - Your shipwrecked on a island in the south pacific, you some how manage to take a Marshall Stack, and a Gibson Les Paul with you. A cooler of Corona Beer floats by to your tone paradise but your faced with one problem. You can only take one guitar pedal [...]

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Ebay Guitar Gear Alerts !

Ebay Guitar Gear Alerts !We have too much stock in this warehouse, and we have to move some of it on to guys to plug in and jam with. The result is you could get a smokin deal ! Keep checking our Ebay store, there will 2 to 3 going up per day ! Active [...]

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Pro Co Rat Distortion Guitar Pedal - Part 1

Pro Co Rat Distortion Guitar Pedal - Part 1 - There has always been a legend that the Rat pedal was invented by mistake by Pro Co engineers Scott Burnham and Steve Kiraly. I have read that one of them put the wrong resistor in the feedback loop of the  LM308 op-amp which technically should have [...]

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Mad Professor "1" Distortion/Reverb Pedal

Mad Professor "1" Distortion/Reverb Pedal - killer VH brown sound pedal ! 

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FoxRox Electronics Paradox Flanger and The Festival Overdrive Guitar pedal

FoxRox Electronics Paradox Flanger and The Festival Overdrive Guitar pedal - Foxrox has shipped us more Paradox TZF2 flangers which are a update on the legendary Paradox TZF pedal which was just very hard to get but so tone full. But now TZF2 is even better and available ! More feature than any flanger on [...]

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DLS Versa Vibe and Vibe Theory

Jimi Hendrix was one of the early adopters of the Univibe and is notably heard in the song "Machine Gun". This sound caught on by guitarists and became identifiable in music by Robin Trower (Bridge of Sighs, Day of the Eagle, Too Rolling Stoned), David Gilmour (Breathe, Dark Side of the Moon), [...]

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Boss Waza Craft Guitar Pedals

Boss Waza Craft Guitar Pedals - Boss released the TU-3w Waza guitar tuner pedal. We are so impressed with the "Waza" which in Japanese means art and technique, which is so appropriate for BOSS's premium line of redesigned guitar effects pedals. The now have five in the Waza line, the incredible DM-2w Analog Delay Waza guitar [...]

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How Many Knobs On Your Pedal ?

How Many Knobs On Your Pedal ? - Today let's talk about something dear to us all knobs. Get your mind out of the gutter, we are talking about guitar pedal knobs. We have had customers ask when shopping for a pedal "How Many Knobs Is On That Pedal"? Which used to strike me as [...]

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Bearfoot FX Artic White and Candiru Fuzz

Bearfoot FX Artic White and Candiru Fuzz - BACK IN STOCK ! The nasty Candiru fuzz is back in stock, what an aggressive in your face fuzz that will cut thru anything like a knife. The Artic White Fuzz is a more retro fuzz that is very touch sensitive. Both of them are not easy [...]

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