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Dark Glass Electronics Premier Bass Pedals


Dark Glass Electronics Premier Bass Pedals - From Finland come the Dark Glass, like the Dark Forest, the Black Metal and the finest Bass Pedals in the world. Just incredible Tone Machine's for all the vintage and modern tones a Bass player could desire. Starting with the Vintage Microtubes, to the Vintage Deluxe, and the Vintage Ultra they produce all the classic guitar tones of the 70s, 80s and beyond. Each version comes with more EQ features depending on how demanding your tone sculpting needs are. From there we go to the B7K Ultra and also in Limited The Kraken version that give a more modern guitar sound also are tone crafting machines. They also produce the Duality a double fuzz pedal and the Super Symetry compressor pedal to produce a full line of tone guitar machines. Quality in tone and construction un-matched 

Famous Guitar Pedal User

Famous Guitar Pedal User - Old photo of Jimi Hendrix Vox Wah and Fuzz Face guitar pedal user. The man who made pedals relevant in guitar culture back his day in a "dune buggy". Let your Freak Flag fly

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JHS Pedals Pink Panther Delay

JHS Pedals Pink Panther Delay - JHS on Monday released the return of the Pink Panther delay pedal and a smaller format but with even more delay echo power. It's a full one second of delay in the small little bad boy, with the highly desired tap tempo. This is great to set or re-adjust [...]

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Tru-Fi Pedals Sales Explode !

Tru-Fi Sales Exploded Last Weekend !Last weekend we ran a 20% coupon, and sales did really well. Below you see the picture of all the custom designed pedals our wonderful customer's purchased last weekend AT 20 % OFF !!!. Look at the array of pedal colors, these are pedals in a box, it's custom made [...]

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Rockett Pedals or J Rockett Audio Design !

Rockett Pedals or J Rockett Audio Design ! - Their Back all the J Rockett Pedals be in the Allan Holdsworth, who just recently passed away very sadly. but the name sake pedal has a mild overdrive and wonderful boost section that makes this just a guitar tone generator. But the big one is the J. [...]

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What Is Guitar Tone ?

What Is Guitar Tone ? Guitar Tone is so many different things to so many people. A few things it is not is small, bright, harsh, overly distorted, muddy, and nondistinct. Guitar tone of the god is when out guitar, amp, pedals and most important our fingers mix into a beautiful distinct sound of the highest [...]

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Desert Island Guitar Pedal

Desert Island Guitar Pedal - If you were to be ship wrecked, like fall off a Cruise Ship where you had all your guitar gear with you. You then wash up on shore and the guitar gods stop you as your walking to shore and inform you. You may only take one pedal. Just one [...]

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J. Rockett Pedals Archer OD and Rockaway

J. Rockett Pedals Archer OD and Rockaway - J Rockett has shipped the Rockaway OD/Boost guitar pedal and we must say this is a old school pedal in a new school world. The 6 band graphic EQ has been around since the late 1960s, it's been in guitar pedal design for decades, but then it [...]

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Tru-Fi Floyd Fuzz is released

Tru-Fi Floyd Fuzz Guitar Pedal is released - custom order version - color - plaque as they move towards a totally custom pedal experience. The Floyd Fuzz named after Pink Floyd and its Big Muff using iconic guitar player David Gilmour. You can order the pedal in Tri-Angle Big Muff or RAMs Head or Creamy Dream [...]

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Are We Playing The Pedals Or Are The Pedals Playing Us ?

Are We Playing The Pedals Or Are The Pedals Playing Us ? - Over the years I have seen comments on the internet "Ohh I don't use pedals" - "Ohhh I just need that one special pedal and I will find that tone" - "Ohhh I just love new pedals" - "Ohhh he suck's he uses [...]

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