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When You Step On It


When You Step On It - What I mean by this statement is when you step on a guitar pedal what happens ? If your not feeling a jolt of excitement and passion well something is wrong with what your stepping on. Guitar pedals, Stompboxs, Guitar Toys aren't just to play with they are to bring about passion in your playing. When you hit that distortion box, you should feel adrenaline, excitement, a sense of something changed in your tone that brought all this on. I don't care if it is the first time you stepped on a particular delay or overdrive or wah wah or the 100th or 1000th it better bring you something. That is why your stepping on it ? Isn't ?

These pedals are made to create, to inspire and bring you new places. The Electro Harmonix new synth pedals the B9, Mel9, K9, Synth9 etc open up a whole new world of places to go with your guitars. Couple this with delay pedals, modulation pedals, and the endless fuzz, overdrive, distortion pedals you can reach levels of passion, tone and excitement that should make you want to play endlessly. If this is NOT the case, I strongly suggest you poke around and find a new pedal it is time you got excited and inspired "When You Step On It".   

PettyJohn Gold Overdrive Guitar Pedal

PettyJohn lets be honest they make some of the highest grade pedals for tone in the business. The Gold the British plus overdrive is back in stock the first batch sold out in 2 days. If you want on of these wonderful tone machines you better jump http://www.musictoyz.com/pettyjohn-electronics/

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​Zvex Vertical Box of Rock and '59 Sound

Zvex Vertical Box of Rock and '59 Sound - Zvex has now embraced the Vertical series of pedals which make these unique and wonderful tone tools even more usable for your pedal board! There is now no excuse for not putting a Zvex fuzz, overdrive or mild overdrive pedal on your board because the layout [...]

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JHS Andy Timmon Version 2

JHS Andy Timmon Version 2 - Andy Timmons is just one of my all time favorite guitar players, chops and tone usually are enough. But Andy has that special sauce that put's him ahead of so many great players. The JHS Andy Timmons Version 2 overdrive distortion pedal is just that the special sauce. Just killer [...]

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Reignwolf One Man Fuzz Octave Machine

Reignwolf One Man Fuzz Octave Machine - Jordan Cook the brains behind Reignwolf is just a very incredible talent in the lo-fi blues rock ala white stripes, black keys, black pistol fire, radio moscow etc. This cat takes it one step further of breaking it all done when he performs in the one man band format. [...]

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The Edge Explains Electro-Harmonix Delay

The Edge Explains Electro-Harmonix Delay - Click on this video the edge explains how when he got a EH Deluxe Memory Man "Everything Changed" how he was able to take simple riffs from that day and make them sound huge. The delay parts filled in the blank spaces and created the sound we know as [...]

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Way Huge Mini Blue Hippo Chorus !

Way Huge Mini Blue Hippo Chorus ! - Way Huge has come out with the Blue Hippo in a mini version. REALLY slim package that saves pedal space, and still has great tone. The Blue Hippo Analog Chorus sounds as lusciously liquefied as ever in a Way Huge Smalls housing. With its simple Speed and Depth [...]

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Suhr Mini Riot Distortion Pedal

Suhr Mini Riot Distortion Pedal - Suhr Mini Riot Pedal is here ready to ship, killer pedal and now in the Mini size. If you want a killer gain pedal but don't want to give up much room the board Mini Riot ! Suhr makes great products, from pedals to pickups to amps to guitars, and [...]

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Barber is BACK !

Barber is BACK ! - David Barber was one of the original 8 boutique pedal builder in the late 90s, and for 15 years he was kickin ass and building the best pedals on the planet. A few years ago, Dave slowed it down a bit, still building but doing other things as well. Well [...]

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Electro Harmonix 95000 LOOPER MADNESS !

Electro Harmonix 95000 LOOPER MADNESS ! - EH 95000 LOOPER ! Just incredible piece of gear, we got them first - JUMP QUICKLY ! This looper is state of the art, really pushs the technology to a pure multi-track recorder on the floor. EHX introduces the 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory, the company’s most advanced looper to date, [...]

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