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Electro Harmonix Attack Decay Guitar Pedal IS HERE !


Electro Harmonix Attack Decay Guitar Pedal IS HERE ! Great re-issue of the circa-1980 Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay is a sought after prize among vintage pedal aficionados. Originally called a Tape Reverse Simulator, it’s known for producing volume and reverse swells, backward tape sounds, artificially short staccato notes and bowed instrument effects. The new Attack Decay reinterprets the classic and keeps its cool factor, but adds some modern features for convenience and enhanced functionality. Click To Go

Zvex VERTICAL Instant Lo-Fi Junky

Zvex is releasing a Vertical version of their popular Instant Lo-Fi Junky to make it more pedalboard friendly. Zvex has done this with many of their popular pedals with great results in getting more guitar players to buy into their great unique and tone centered pedals. Check Them Out

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Good Old Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe II

Good Old Fulltone - Been around for 20 years, and it's not the flavor of the month it is just good stuff. They make the most dependable and best tone tools for 25 years plus. We just got a shipment of Mini Deja Vibe Mk II and Wah Full guitar pedals. They are just killer [...]

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Pete Townshend Univox Fuzz

Musictoyz.com : Let's reflect on when @pete_townshend was a young man and could sky like Lebron ! My favorite is the inverted Y jump, 4 feet off the ground, crazy energy and power. It is his Super Fuzz that is giving him the power to leap tall buildings, #showman, #artist, #musician #guitarsmasher @officialthewho - Hey [...]

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Jimi Hendrix at a party ?

Musictoyz.com : Jimi with a party goer, the caption is funny which I got from a friend of mine. This was when Rock was young, innocent and fun. Hey THANK YOU for all your orders, - http://www.musictoyz.com

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Barber Pedals NEW PRICES!

Musictoyz.com - Barber pedals a 20 year veteran of making high quality pedals just created a new price point on all his pedals, and you can not get better value for tone ! Tone Press, Gain Changer, BUSS, Exacta and the legendary Direct Drive are all at new price points. SAME PEDAL just less money [...]

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Seymour Duncan Antiquity

Musictoyz.com : Huge shipment of Seymour Duncan pickups including Antiquity Humbuckers and Tele pickups. You want tone maybe time to upgrade your pickups ! If your do not have the foundation of tone from the guitar, well you will always be chasing your tail. You need set the chain up first with clean solid tone [...]

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Durham Crazy Horse Pedal

Musictoyz.com : Durham Crazy Horse Pedal are back stock, they sell out everytime. If your like me and loved Crazy Horse the band for it's raw energy and nasty guitar sounds this is it in a box. KILLER wait Cortez the Killer www.musictoyz.com #neilyoung #durhamelectronics #crazyhorse #fuzzpedals #distortion #guitarist

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Wren & Cuff De La Riva The Ultimate Big Muff ?

Wren & Cuff De La Riva The Ultimate Big Muff ? - Imagine if you could have every Big Muff model ever made, and made really well. Then imagine that and then put it all in one guitar pedal for you to use and generate killer tone. This is the De La Riva by Wren [...]

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Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom V2 STOCK

Musictoyz.com - Fresh batch of @fuzzhugger Algal Bloom V2, a Fuzz that roars and will wake up any tame amp. This is crisp, tight, dangerous and powerful Fuzz not for the meek ! They just came in today, in short supply do grab one while you can. FUZZ ON ! Click To Go 

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