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Beetronics FX

A family run pedal company in California that is run by a few brothers one  a guitar player, a drummer, a journalist, an architect and a dog. 

 Every pedal we make is unique, hand made and there are no two exactly alike. They have a lot of fun

  • Beetronics FX  WhoctaHell Guitar Pedal
    Beetronics FX WhoctaHell Guitar Pedal
    The WhoctaHell is a Low Octave Fuzz, with fully independent controls for the fuzz and  the octave. It’s a overdrive/fuzz summed up with a gnarly squared wave low octave, resembling a 8-bit bass synthesizer. Its...
  • Beetronics OctaHive Octave Tychobrae Guitar Pedal
    Beetronics OctaHive Octave Tychobrae Guitar Pedal
    The OctaHive is super high gain fuzz with a well pronounced high pitch octave. The octave can be turned off by the toggle switch, turning it into a warmer and thicker fuzz pedal.  The best way to achieve a well...
  • Beetronics Overhive Guitar Pedal
    Beetronics Overhive Guitar Pedal
    The Overhive is extremely versatile medium gain overdrive. Its round and warm tone respects your amp, enhancing its best qualities while dynamically reacting to your playing. This pedal achieves the elusive mid-gain...