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​Source Audio Collider Reverb+Delay Is HERE !


Source Audio Collider Reverb+Delay Is HERE ! - Source Audio one of our favorite companies who are just making killer pedals that so high quality and packaged so well it is crazy. CRAZY GOOD ! These reverb+delay pedals will solve all your ambient needs in one beautiful pedal and at a great tone price. They just arrived we got them first they will sell out immediatly. GOTO 

The Return of Pete Cornish Pedals

The Return of Pete Cornish Pedals - Pete Cornish a legendary pedal, cable and pedalboard builder for almost 50 years is back. First batch we went with the battery free pedals, which are small for todays powered pedalboards. There is no doubt of the quality, and tone these are epic pedals of the highest order. As [...]

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Return of the Barber Tone Press

Return of the Barber Tone Press - Dave Barber created one of the first parallel compressor guitar pedal that was affordable over 10 years. First it was full size, and then he came out with the present day smaller version which is and was VERY popular. About 4 months ago, Barber had a part discontinued [...]

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Zvex Fuzz Factory in Clear ! LIMITED

Zvex Fuzz Factory in Clear ! LIMITED - Zvex for over 20 years has been at the forefront of cool guitar pedals that are new and different. They also have been the leader of cool and interesting paint and packaging and now they have out done themselves. The have released a LIMTED clear enclosure version [...]

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Ross Pedals are SHIPPING !

Ross Pedals are SHIPPING ! - The re-issue of the famous Ross Compressor and Distortion are not just smoke they are actually here and SHIPPING ! These boxs are exactly like the 70s, with their same unique enclosures. The tone and what everyone desires in the compressor is exact FEEL THE SQUEEZE ! The demand [...]

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Beetronics Swarm is HERE and SHIPPING

Beetronics Swarm is HERE and SHIPPING - If you want something different that is aggressive,  toneful, different and exciting then the SWARM is for you. It has been pre-order for weeks and now is here and shipping GET THEM NOW ! The Swarm is an Analog Fuzz Harmonizer that sounds like a thousand killer bees coming [...]

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Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe Mk II

Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe Mk II - Another SHIPMENT !  Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe has always been top of the heep but now its just crazy in size and tone. This Vibe has all the Jimi,  Robin Trower, SRV tones in it and its so small. Your pedalboard footprint will get half the size and [...]

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Eventide Rose the Ultimate Modulated Delay ?

Eventide Rose the Ultimate Modulated Delay ? : Eventide Rose is back in stock, and ready to ship. What is Rose by @eventideaudio ? It is the ultimate delay with modulation pedal, in a small footprint, with ton's of control over modulation and delay parameters. Ohh did we say it is Eventide so it is [...]

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Zvex VERTICAL Instant Lo-Fi Junky

Zvex is releasing a Vertical version of their popular Instant Lo-Fi Junky to make it more pedalboard friendly. Zvex has done this with many of their popular pedals with great results in getting more guitar players to buy into their great unique and tone centered pedals. Check Them Out

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Jimi Hendrix at a party ?

Musictoyz.com : Jimi with a party goer, the caption is funny which I got from a friend of mine. This was when Rock was young, innocent and fun. Hey THANK YOU for all your orders, - http://www.musictoyz.com

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