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Zvex Clear Fuzz Factory ! LAST ONE


Musictoyz.com : @Zvex clear Fuzz Factory is just very cool, we have sold a bunch and we have no idea if they will EVER be available again. Soooooo if you want one I would suggest you jump now, you can see the circuit board at the top inside ! There is only ONE of these classic limited no longer made legendary guitar fuzz box's left ! www.musictoyz.com

Wren & Cuff De La Riva The Ultimate Big Muff ?

Wren & Cuff De La Riva The Ultimate Big Muff ? - Imagine if you could have every Big Muff model ever made, and made really well. Then imagine that and then put it all in one guitar pedal for you to use and generate killer tone. This is the De La Riva by Wren [...]

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Throw Back Record John Mayall and the Bluebreakers

Musictoyz.com: Throw Back Record of the week is the Beano record by John Mayall and the Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton. A historic record that really pushed the electric lead guitar blues format in UK to the forefront. If you never heard it, get it NOW ! It is the main reason Marshall JTR45s are [...]

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The Maestro Jimmy Page is 75

Musictoyz.com: The Maestro Jimmy Page is 75 today, we wish him the best for all he has given us. The bands, the music, the leads, the chords, the Les Paul slung low, the Plexi roaring, the Tonebender set to stun. James Patrick Page we salute you in Fuzz !! www.musictoyz.com

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