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​Source Audio Collider Reverb+Delay Is HERE !


Source Audio Collider Reverb+Delay Is HERE ! - Source Audio one of our favorite companies who are just making killer pedals that so high quality and packaged so well it is crazy. CRAZY GOOD ! These reverb+delay pedals will solve all your ambient needs in one beautiful pedal and at a great tone price. They just arrived we got them first they will sell out immediatly. GOTO 

​MXR Clone Looper is HERE !

MXR Clone Looper is HERE ! - MXR has released their first looper and we must that it is really clever and easy to use. If you are looking for a looper to practice or to add parts to live setting the MXR Clone Looper is really priced right and very cool 

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Ibanez Vemuram the Greatest Tube Screamer Ever ?

Ibanez Vemuram the Greatest Tube Screamer Ever ? - It is here, the Ibanez Vemuran joint venture on a TSV808 which people have said is the finest Japanese Tubescreamer of all time. Not cheap, but tone is in the ear of the those who chase the finest. Made in Japan, in a joint venture with [...]

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Tru-Fi Colodriver 18V Version is up for order !

We will being shipping Sept 15th so we can build for 10 days and get AHEAD of the curve.A hand-made recreation of the famous Colorsound Power Booster and Overdriver used by the likes of Jeff Beck and David Gilmour among the few. This is the early version which is referred to as the 18 Volt [...]

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Fulltone GE-OCD 2nd Shipment ORDER NOW !

Fulltone GE-OCD 2nd Shipment ORDER NOW ! - The first shipment sold out in 10 mins, they arrived today and are off to their tone homes ! We have more in route to us right now, if you want one do NOT wait they will be gone shortly ! Very excited to be getting some of [...]

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Source Audio C4 Synth Pedal !

Source Audio C4 Synth Pedal ! - Source Audio a cutting edge guitar pedal company that builds just great gear has released a Synth pedal that just sounds and track wonderful. The C4 pedal is for those who want to create synth sounds on guitar or thicken up stock guitar voicings. Great value, clarity, construction, [...]

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Jam Pedals New Packaging Retrovibe

We got a shipment of Retrovibes from JAM and their new packaging for their pedals is just top notch. Now they have the complete packing of tone, build, packaging and a great company. JAM pedals from Greece are just great check out the Retrovibe, vintage tone in a modern era ! 

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The Return of Pete Cornish Pedals

The Return of Pete Cornish Pedals - Pete Cornish a legendary pedal, cable and pedalboard builder for almost 50 years is back. First batch we went with the battery free pedals, which are small for todays powered pedalboards. There is no doubt of the quality, and tone these are epic pedals of the highest order. As [...]

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Seymour Duncan Pickup shipment

Musictoyz.com : Just got a shipment of @seymourduncanpickups and updating a Nash Les Paul with Antiquities for a more vintage tone. We sell a ton of Seymour still one of the best choices for price and tone. The Antiquiity line is especially interesting because they are producing pickups that people pay 10s of thousands of [...]

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Zvex Clear Fuzz Factory ! LAST ONE

Musictoyz.com : @Zvex clear Fuzz Factory is just very cool, we have sold a bunch and we have no idea if they will EVER be available again. Soooooo if you want one I would suggest you jump now, you can see the circuit board at the top inside ! There is only ONE of these [...]

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