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Providence Pedals

  • Providence Stampede OD
    Providence Stampede OD
    A wide dynamic range of overdrive sounds.The Providence SOV-2 Stampede OD pedal is designed to deliver natural overdrive without obscuring the inherent characteristics and tone of the guitar being used. It features a special...
  • Providence Stampede DT
    Providence Stampede DT
    Wide Range DistortionUsing the same low-noise power supply up-converter circuit as the Stampede OD SOV-2 overdrive pedal, the output of a single 9-volt battery is increased to a level that is capable of delivering sonic...
  • Providence Final Booster
    Providence Final Booster
    A full range booster featuring our innovative VITALIZER® circuit.The PROVIDENCE FINAL BOOSTER FBT-1 is a full-range booster that includes our innovative VITALIZER® circuit for a unique boost sound that allows the...
  • Providence Flame Drive F-Series
    Providence Flame Drive F-Series
    An amp-like overdrive pedal that is never flat or muddy.The Providence Flame Drive is an extremely versatile overdrive pedal that can deliver anything from sweet, silky overdrive to edgy overtone-rich distortion. It features...
  • Providence Heat Blaster
    Providence Heat Blaster
    A powerful distortion sound close to the modern high gain tube amplifiers.The HEAT BLASTER HBL-3 takes the bold, overtone-rich high-gain tube amp sound of the earlier HBL-2 version to the next level with fatter lows and mids...