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Janglebox produces some of the finest compression guitar pedals on the market. The recently updated black 2 knob version has been a standard for toneful powerful jangley guitar compression. The new JB3 is a updated version of the Byrds model that provided guitar players with total compression control, which now even includes a boost section to push your compressed guitar tone harder thru your amplifier. TONE.

  • The JangleBox Nano Compressor Treble Booster guitar pedal
    The JangleBox Nano Compressor Treble Booster guitar pedal
    Finally a nice compact Jangle Box ...and it has a Treble booster in for that kick ass Queen rock tone. NICE ! This thing is just wonderful, perfect squeeze for guitar, and also now giving you plenty of pedalboard real estate...
  • JangleBox 50th Ann Byrds Model
    JangleBox 50th Ann Byrds Model
    SHIPPING !!!  To honor the 50th Anniversary of The Byrds' debut 1965 albums, Mr. Tambourine Man and Turn! Turn! Turn! — as well as Byrds' founder and long-time JangleBox endorser Roger McGuinn...
  • JangleBox JB3
    JangleBox JB3
    Order now: these are limited and we will sell out ! The JangleBox JB3 is our most outstanding compressor yet — one that gives discerning guitarists the greatest performance and recording versatility available.If...
  • JangleBox Reissue
    JangleBox Reissue
    These are very limited! They ship the first week of September! This pedal is an update of the groundbreaking compressor that launched countless 6- and 12-string guitars into chime heaven starting almost a decade ago. ...