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Guyatone Pedals

Guyatone a fan favorite the original Mini Pedal 

  • Guyatone SD2 Sustainer Pedal
    Guyatone SD2 Sustainer Pedal
    Tube amp tone it the stuff of legend. Since the inception of the electric guitar, musicians have sought ways to emulate the sound and response of a full-up, hard working tube amp without the hassles and high volume levels...
    $89.95 $49.95
  • Guyatone SS-3 SONIC SHAPER
    Guyatone SS-3 SONIC SHAPER
    A multi-function booster effect, the Sonic Shaper emphasizes specific Harmonics of the input signal to achieve a variety of useful results. By boosting certain overtones, the SS-3 allows the user to stand out in an...
    $79.95 $39.95