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Greedtone Pedal

  • Greedtone Fuzz
    Greedtone Fuzz
    Excellent Fuzz Pedal, without the temperature sensitivity of the germanium transistors used in vintage fuzz pedals. This pedal will sound the same every time. Years were spent designing this pedal to sound like a warm...
    $299.95 $149.95
  • Greedtone CLASSIC Overdrive
    Greedtone CLASSIC Overdrive
    The Greedtone Classic combines a wide variety of amazing tones with incredible dynamics that allow you to play lightly yet achieve a nice, rich, full, clean tone. Think dynamic distortion. Strum a chord and itÂ’s as if you...
    $249.95 $149.95
  • Greedtone Tube Booster Guitar Pedal
    Greedtone Tube Booster Guitar Pedal
    The Greedtone Booster is a tube driven pedal that will take your tone to the next level. It has Gain And Volume, and between the two you can dial up some Kick ass rock and roll tones. From a clean boost to a Dirty Overdrive...
    $349.95 $149.95