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Fulltone Guitar Pedals

- Mike Fuller started Fulltone guitar products in the mid 90s from his personal quest to get vintage guitar pedal tones. He designed the Fulldrive 2 that produces the classic SRV tubescreamer tone but with a clean boost built into the guitar pedal. It was a huge hit. Since then Fulltone has become the leader in boutique guitar electronics, including the OCD overdrive, the '69 fuzz, the Clyde wah wah pedals, the Mini Deja Vibe univibe guitar pedal, various octave pedals, and let's not forget the incredible guitar cable line. Fulltone the original and always the best. Made in the USA

  • Fulltone New Custom Shop DejaVibe CS-MDV-1
    Fulltone New Custom Shop DejaVibe CS-MDV-1
    Custom Shop Mini DejáVibe CS-MDV-1 Fulltone Custom Shop Mini DejáVibe CS-MDV-1 guitar pedal, smaller, slower and faster, more tone, more inspiration. It's a pure upgrade of the classic DejaVibe with more...
  • Fulltone Wahfull Guitar Pedal
    Fulltone Wahfull Guitar Pedal
    The Wahfull a very unique and powerful pedal from Fulltone. This will give you that HONKING midrange guitar tone you hear on great records, Beck, Sabbath, etc. Just that fat lead tone you always wonder how they did that...
  • Fulltone SS Tape Echo
    Fulltone SS Tape Echo
    In the early 80's I worked in music stores teaching Guitar and selling & repairing gear. One day a guy came in with a 70's Echoplex EP-3 tape delay asking $30 for it!. The owner of the store said he didn't want it so I...
  • Fulltone Fulldrive 3 Black
    Fulltone Fulldrive 3 Black
    NEW! Fulldrive 3 The Fulldrive-2 has been a huge success over the years…with 150,000 sold over the last 20 years. It's still on many Pro's pedalboards, now $149 MSRP / $120 street, and it’s not going ANYWHERE!...
  • Fulltone Black on Black TTE
    Fulltone Black on Black TTE
    This is the new version should be shipping end of May...first run will sell out !  There is nothing funnier (to me) than the makers of this new wave of digital and chip-based delays claiming to "sound like a tape echo...
  • Fulltone Tri Stereo Chorus TERC THAT 80'S RACK CHORUS
    Fulltone Tri Stereo Chorus TERC THAT 80'S RACK CHORUS
    I have procured enough N.O.S. Panasonic MN3007 Analog Bucket Brigade Delay chips to build a limited production run (total 3200 units)of Custom Shop "That 80's Rack Chorus" units. These are exact reproductions of the...
  • Fulltone 2B Boost Guitar Pedal
    Fulltone 2B Boost Guitar Pedal
    What is it? The Fulltone 2B is an amazing boost pedal, born from the “Boost” channel in our FD3 pedal. Soon after the FD3 came out I started getting a steady flow of emails asking if I could “please make...
  • Fulltone OCD pedal
    Fulltone OCD pedal
    The most popular overdrive crunch box pedal of the 21st century the Fulltone OCD. For the guy who wants a transparent amp like OD Overdrive guitar pedal that gives them Stones to Guns Roses overdrive and can back down to the...
  • Fulltone Secret Freq
    Fulltone Secret Freq
    What’s this, another touch-sensitive, dynamic, natural sounding overdrive/distortion to confuse the marketplace? Nope, this is the Fulltone “Secret Frequency. “Secret Freq.” for short. Although it does the gig-friendly...