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EWS Pedals

  • EWS BMC Bass Mid Control
    EWS BMC Bass Mid Control
    The new Bass Mid Control is the active mid-controller for bass players. A small but powerful pedal that provides frequency control adjustments between 120Hz ~ 3kHz. When using 2-band EQ or passive bass, the Frequency control...
  • EWS Brute Drive
    EWS Brute Drive
    Brute Drive (BD-1) is a new distortion pedal designed by EWS. Compared to it's extreme cousin, Fuzzy Drive (FD-1), the BD-1 is designed for smooth, classic distortion sounds. With intuitive controls and a classic layout...
  • EWS Fuzzy Drive
    EWS Fuzzy Drive
    From the popular brand "EWS", known for their Arion Chorus Modification, comes the new and groundbreaking fuzz/distortion effect pedal, "FUZZY DRIVE"! As you crank up the gain control of the FUZZY DRIVE, you will have...
  • EWS Tri Logic Bass Preamp II
    EWS Tri Logic Bass Preamp II
    First made popular by Xotic Effects, the Tri-Logic is back! Renewed and Reincarnated by EWS, the "Tri-Logic Bass Preamp 2" is significantly smaller in size and more affordable. With all the same features of the former...