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Emma Electronic are as unique as their guitar pedal names. ReezaFratzitz or DiscomBOBulator are very unique names but they fit these guitar tone creators. Quality is really what they say in guitar tone, in build quality, and value. If your looking for guitar pedals that are toneful and built to last then look no further than EMMA!

  • EMMA OnoMATOpoeia OM-1
    EMMA OnoMATOpoeia OM-1
    A unique booster/ overdrive pedal, that can be used to raise the volume of an instrument to a higher or “solo” level. Because of the addition of a gain control it also can be used to distort the original signal in the same...
    $243.75 $149.95
  • Emma Stinkbug Blues Overdrive
    Emma Stinkbug Blues Overdrive
    We wanted to make a great ‘classic’ overdrive, that have the best of what's out there, but keeps the body and character of the guitar intact. We worked really hard on getting the mids to respond well, and the highs and...
    $243.75 $149.95
  • EMMA TransMORGrifier Compressor
    EMMA TransMORGrifier Compressor
    The working musician has always needed several compressors in their arsenal to be prepared for any playing situation. The TransMORGrifier solves this problem by incorporating the best attributes of several classic...
    $219.95 $149.95