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Demeter Pedals

  • Demeter Compulator Pedal
    Demeter Compulator Pedal
    The sound of classic studio optical compression of the 60's and 70's at your feet! The first compressor pedal not to suck the life out of your tone. Operation is fairly straightforward. There are two inputs on the front side...
  • Demeter Fuzzulator
    Demeter Fuzzulator
    This is the first fuzz box to use the Demeterinnovative Tone Pre Emphasis Circuit to control and enhance the proper frequencies to give the distorted sound focus, so that even with massive distortion your instrument will not...
  • Demeter Midboost/Fat Control
    Demeter Midboost/Fat Control
    The MB-2B Midboost/Fat Control boosts a wide mid-frequency range for a more distinct natural frequency boost than any other midboosts. The frequencies selected give your guitar the best response and sustain possible. The...
  • Demeter RRP-1 Real Reverbulator
    Demeter RRP-1 Real Reverbulator
    Controls Input Gain: Controls the input sensitivity of the unit. The gain should be adjusted up to a level that will cause the overload light to blink occasionally, the overload light should never be on continually, Normal...
  • Demeter Stereo Trem STRM-1
    Demeter Stereo Trem STRM-1
    James Demeter’s first Tremulator pedal was built at the request of Ry Cooder 25 years ago, and the little box quickly became a hit in the burgeoning boutique pedal world. The STRM-1 Stereo Tremulator is the logical evolution...
  • Demeter Tremulator
    Demeter Tremulator
    A hybrid of vintage sound and state-of-the-art quality, the Demeter Tremulator is designed for years of trouble-free operation. Designed to emulate the classic Fender tremolo effect (or vibrato as it is often referred to),...