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Chorus Pedals

Since the invention of the stompbox, guitarists have been adding more and more effects pedals to their everyday playing setup. One of the most interesting guitar effects pedals created are the variations of chorus pedals on the market today. While initially the chorus pedal saw popularity in rock ‘n roll players like Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, they have seen an increasing rise to prominence among guitarists of almost any style. By multiplying and layering the audio input signals, chorus pedals can produce an amazingly diverse range of lush sounds. At Music Toyz, we stock an impressive selection of chorus pedals from boutique pedal makers and major manufactures alike. So whether you prefer the killer vintage tones of the Analog Man Mini Chorus or the shimmering modulation abilities of the Keeley Seafoam Chorus Pedal, we’re sure to have a chorus pedal for your style of playing.

Music Toyz has had one goal in mind since we opened in 1998, and that is to inspire musicians to play music. Our broad selection of chorus pedals includes popular stompboxes from Boss, MXR Pedals, and much more. We hope the crystal sounds and liquid tones available from chorus pedals helps you unlock the full potential of your guitar playing.

After you’ve selected your new chorus pedal, check out our selection of pedalboards!

  • Boss MD-500 Modulation Guitar Pedal
    Boss MD-500 Modulation Guitar Pedal
    Monster Mod Machine Powered by advanced BOSS technology, the ultra-versatile MD-500 delivers nearly any type of modulation effect a musician could want, and then some. Included are 28 different algorithms with intensive...
  • Boss CE-2W Waza Craft Chorus
    Boss CE-2W Waza Craft Chorus
    THE WORLD’S FIRST CHORUS SOUNDS, REBORN WITH WAZA CRAFT Launched in 1976, the CE-1 Chorus Ensemble was not only the world’s first chorus effect pedal, but also the very first BOSS pedal. Three years later, this...
  • JHS VCR reverb, chorus, volume Ryan Adams guitar pedal
    JHS VCR reverb, chorus, volume Ryan Adams guitar pedal
    JHS and Ryan Adam team up for a pedal as unique as Mr Adams music and guitar playing. A Box with reverb, chorus and nasty volume boost section. The VCR pedal is a first in a new collaboration...
  • Ibanez Chorus Mini Guitar Pedal
    Ibanez Chorus Mini Guitar Pedal
    Chorus now in a mini size, so important for sound thickening or emulating the sounds of the Police or Alex Lifeson's Rush tones. It's hard to beat the sound of real analog chorus for adding vibrant richness to your guitar...
  • Walrus Audio Julia Chorus Guitar Pedal
    Walrus Audio Julia Chorus Guitar Pedal
    The Julia is a fully analog, feature-rich chorus/vibrato packed with a wide array of tonal landscapes begging to be explored.  With controls like Lag, Dry-Chorus-Vibrato Blend, and selectable analog LFO wave shapes, you...
  • FoxRox Electronics AquaVibe Guitar Pedal
    FoxRox Electronics AquaVibe Guitar Pedal
    AquaVibe runs on 9 Volts DC (external). Power input is protected and filtered and is internally converted to 24 Volts DC. Speed of effect can be controlled with a standard Expression pedal and no special wiring is...
  • Keeley Seafoam Chorus Guitar Pedal
    Keeley Seafoam Chorus Guitar Pedal
    This chorus guitar pedal is a fresh take on the chorus modulation platform and we strongly approve. It's tight, clean but not harsh or mechanical ! It is very musical very smooth but FAT guitar tone for the highest tone...
  • Empress Nebulas
    Empress Nebulas
    The Nebulus brings guitarists high quality chorus, flanger and vibrato effects in a really compact 4.5 by 3.5 inch pedal. To increase the tone range even further 3 variations on each effect are available for a total of 9...
  • Source Audio Soundblox┬« 2 Orbital Modulator
    Source Audio Soundblox® 2 Orbital Modulator
    The Soundblox 2 Orbital Modulator is a super-compact, durable, and highly flexible multi-effects pedal with a dynamic collection of precision-engineered phaser, flanger, chorus, and tremolo effects. Twelve effect types, nine...