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Why are some guitar pedals more expensive ?

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Why are some guitar pedals more expensive ? - We get this question a lot of why is brand A $99 and brand B $199. Well there a lot of things that are different the first one is the features take a tremolo pedal a basic pedal with rate and depth, or do you want a pedal with 7 knobs to adjust the tone, different wave forms, fast and slow etc. The more adjustment the more money it costs to build. Then we need to look at the construction of it, is it mass produced with surface mounted components built on a assembly line or a robot, or is it hand made with old school components right there is a huge up swing in the price based on materials. Next we go to the builder is a warehouse of women soldering away in a foreign land or is it a guy in Florida in his basement working 18 hours a day alone. Labor costs have a lot to do with the costs of the pedal, a single worker in the USA needs to make a lot more to live than workers in the Far East. Say what you want but its just economics. Lastly is the scale, the guy building 500 pedals in the USA can buy parts at a certain price, company building 10000 units can everything cheaper. 

But let's also throw in the coolness factor, the hipster in ALL of us want the pedal that is a bit off the beaten track. We want the pedal no one has, it make's us feel better and special. Don't laugh it's important, gear is your ID of who you are and how much you love this stuff. Now factor all these items in and take the last one into account how do they sound ? I will bet you anything the more $ the better the tone, you just seem to always get what you pay for ! BUT if you can't hear it or your doing one Pink Floyd song and need a cheap ring modulator go cheap.

The tone is your's to choose !