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When I Play Guitar I ???


When I Play Guitar I ??? - What happen's when you play guitar ? You ever look at one of your friend's when they are cranking away, that dude is gone. He is not in his head, he isn't in the room, he is in some other dimension. Ohhh the power of music, the joy of plucking the old 6 string piece of wood, plugged into a guitar cord, into a few guitar pedals, into a glowing tube amplifier. Peace....or rage....or something !?!?!?!?

When I play I find a experience like nothing else really on earth. Yes there are moments of fustration when my chops are NOT in synch with what I am trying to do. But for the most part when I pick up the guitar I get a feeling of relaxation and also just timelessness. I am immediately transported back in time to when I 16 playing in my parents attic to records, or playing in one my bands in my 20s, or in fact it could be just yesterday. When I hit that FAT A note and it starts to feedback into the note, I go to the other dimension. That place that just says ' OHHH that's why I play guitar"... I don't know about you, but for me that's the shit ! 

Whatever it is, it is just important you find that reason, that passion, that joy of self expression with guitar/guitars. Then all you have to do is plug in or unplug pluck some strings, make some feedback, shred a lick, play in time, and get a bit out of your mind.