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What is the difference between Vibrato and Tremolo ?

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What is the difference between Vibrato and Tremolo ? - These two get mixed up constantly and how can't they when Fender mixed them up on their own amps since the 60s ! They would put Vibrato on their amps when actually it was Tremolo ! Vibrato is pitch modulation in the waveform, such as using a Bigsby, whammy bar, or just pushing the string up and down while you hold the note. Hence the fingering term Vibrato ! It's very musical, if you watch a BB King video watch his fingers in his phrasing he always ends with a wicked finger vibrato ! Watch the youtube link at the bottom Johnny A uses the Bigsby subtly but adds a haunting vibrato to the song with his semi-hollow body electric Gibson guitar. There are not many TRUE vibrato pedals, and they are not that popular which is sad because their so musical. Boss is releasing the VB-2 Waza Effect guitar pedal in a few weeks, can't wait to see that. Diamond pedals makes a really nice one.

So what is tremolo ? It is the modulation of the volume of a note, if you wanted to just turn the volume knob up and down fast you get a tremolo effect. It's a beautiful guitar effect in it's own right, but more dramatic and also let's say abrupt. But don't get me wrong it has it's place in the guitar world. HEAVILY used in the 60s in surf music with reverb, James Bond theme, the Smith's Johnny Marr loved his tremolo and used it VERY creatively. Their are tons of great tremolo guitar pedals, Fulltone Tremolo or stereo Tremolo are wonderful, and many many others. Which is better ? Hmm none, their each unique, in how they are produced and what they do. But either or both can produce haunting and odd guitar musical tones !