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Way Huge Mini Blue Hippo Chorus !


Way Huge Mini Blue Hippo Chorus ! - Way Huge has come out with the Blue Hippo in a mini version. REALLY slim package that saves pedal space, and still has great tone. The Blue Hippo Analog Chorus sounds as lusciously liquefied as ever in a Way Huge Smalls housing. With its simple Speed and Depth control interface, you can dial in everything from lush tone-widening to full-on rotating speaker modulation madness. If you want to splash on some thick vibrato goodness, just flip the Vibe switch to give your already aqueous tones a little more texture. The Blue Hippo Chorus is straightforward and no-nonsense-just plug in and dive into the deep end.

Way Huge Russian Pickle Fuzz

Way Huge Russian Pickle Fuzz - Way Huge has bottled the Tall Font Russian Big Muff in this one. Great FAT guitar tone galore, that just is so sweet and smooth. Looking for that elusive “tall font” black Russian fuzz tone? Unless you can find a collector’s piece, the Way Huge Russian-Pickle Fuzz pedal is as [...]

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