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JHS VCR, The Milkman and The Calhoun V2 Guitar Pedals


JHS VCR, The Milkman and The Calhoun V2 Guitar Pedals

JHS has shipped 3 wonderful pedals that are multi purpose in their use and tone. The VCR a Ryan Adams aided design has reverb, chorus, and volume boost in one. The box can just push you into all the 80s alternative sounds you can think of plus just some unique wonderful one box tones. The Milkman  is a collaborative idea between Josh Scott of JHS Pedals and Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound. The concept is simple; a single pedal that offers up an echo/slap delay and a boost that can be used as an always-on enhancer or as an overdrive for small wattage amplifiers. Josh designed the circuit in late 2016 and here we are, a small footprint, easy to use boost/echo 2-in-1 that fits into any style players rig with ease. Let's look at the controls. 

The Calhoun is a favorite of mine because I am huge Mike Campbell fan of Tom Petty and this is his take on perfect overdrive and fuzz. Mike Campbell's tone is so pure and bad ass you know this pedal has to be the real deal or else.