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Mid-Fi Electronics Magick "I" Guitar Pedal

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Mid-Fi Electronics Magick "I" Guitar Pedal

Doug Deeper the insane owner, builder, developer, artist, musician, guitar player just all around crazy man has come out with a very unique overdrive guitar pedal. The Magick "I" more like the Pulsing LED Eye that is, but we don't care what it is this thing just has great tone. It has a first ever new idea, an overdrive with it's clipping element under optical envelope control. As you push the pedal harder the LED on top pulses more and more and therefore clips the circuit harder giving it a very transparent amp like crunch. 

To me it's just the quintessential Neil Young Fender Tweed Deluxe on 9 about to blow up killer tone. This pedal just sounds wonderful, it's very touch sensitive, it's the type of pedal you can just bring a clean amp and your in channel switching mode for the night. Well made by the man himself with loving hands, and toneful ears. GOTO