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JHS VCR Ryan Adams Guitar Pedal IS BACK


JHS VCR Ryan Adams Guitar Pedal IS BACK - JHS has shipped the 2nd Batch of the VCR pedal that was co-designed by Ryan Adams, JHS, and Keeley. Great pedal with Reverb, Chorus, and Boost three tones palettes that you can mix to get GREAT rock n roll guitar pedal tones. 

JHS and Ryan Adam team up for a pedal as unique as Mr Adams music and guitar playing. A Box with reverb, chorus and nasty volume boost section. The VCR pedal is a first in a new collaboration between PaxAM, Ryan Adams, and JHS Pedals. The VCR pedal is Ryan's signature Volume/Chorus/Reverb pedal inspired by the tones of The Cure, The Smiths and a hefty dose of 1980’s angst. Dial in the perfect movement, ambience and volume/boost level to create an instant three effect analog preset.