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Way Huge Russian Pickle Fuzz


Way Huge Russian Pickle Fuzz - Way Huge has bottled the Tall Font Russian Big Muff in this one. Great FAT guitar tone galore, that just is so sweet and smooth. Looking for that elusive “tall font” black Russian fuzz tone? Unless you can find a collector’s piece, the Way Huge Russian-Pickle Fuzz pedal is as good as it gets — possibly even better. Born out of Jorge Tripps’s desire to create a Swollen Pickle model with the essential vibe of that ’90s Sovtek classic fuzz pedal production, the famous effects wizard ultimately tracked down the source of its smooth and creamy distortion to a long-discontinued BC183 silicone transistor. As it happens, Way Huge stockpiled NOS BC183s while they could, making it possible for the Russian-Pickle Fuzz to hit the market.