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What Is Guitar Tone ?

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What Is Guitar Tone ?

Guitar Tone is so many different things to so many people. A few things it is not is small, bright, harsh, overly distorted, muddy, and nondistinct. Guitar tone of the god is when out guitar, amp, pedals and most important our fingers mix into a beautiful distinct sound of the highest order. TONE. I have been playing for a long time, and I still have a hard time explaining it but man I can tell you right when I play it. It just sounds warm, full, powerful, bell like, just a sound that make's you want to play all night. 

One time I took a Fulltone Tape Echo home, and I plugged into it and started to play in the basement right before dinner. My kids where still small, one of them must have said "Time to Eat" but I was lost. I came upstairs the house was dark, I had been downstairs for 4 hours lost in the guitar time capsule. Lost in tone, lost in that moment when everything sound's so incredible you want to play forever. 

Now remember I said that's many things to many people.What your influences are, your age, your guitar style a goth death rocker I would say has brutal tone, but he would say my power trio rock tone is for wimps. But when we hear the bell of the guitar tone gods we know, we feel it. That's the key, you feel it. It move's you and makes you want to play no matter who where and what you are.

The distinct part comes up with trying to find your own voice, but that is for another day Tone Gods.