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Dark Glass Electronics Premier Bass Pedals


Dark Glass Electronics Premier Bass Pedals - From Finland come the Dark Glass, like the Dark Forest, the Black Metal and the finest Bass Pedals in the world. Just incredible Tone Machine's for all the vintage and modern tones a Bass player could desire. Starting with the Vintage Microtubes, to the Vintage Deluxe, and the Vintage Ultra they produce all the classic guitar tones of the 70s, 80s and beyond. Each version comes with more EQ features depending on how demanding your tone sculpting needs are. From there we go to the B7K Ultra and also in Limited The Kraken version that give a more modern guitar sound also are tone crafting machines. They also produce the Duality a double fuzz pedal and the Super Symetry compressor pedal to produce a full line of tone guitar machines. Quality in tone and construction un-matched