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SUHR ACE Analog Cabinet Simulator


SUHR ACE Analog Cabinet Simulator - SUHR again pushing the envelope of guitar technology of what is possible with their ACE pedal or Analog Cabinet Simulator.  This pedal takes on all the tool that are neccessary for desktop recording, studio recording, live playing with a PA, or just gettin rid of the old guitar amp all toghther ! 100% pure analog signal path from start to finish, the A.C.E. employs an advanced Multi-StageFiltering (MSF) network to generate stunningly realistic speaker cabinet simulations that capture/bring to life all the warmth, punch and character of a mic’d speaker cabinet to any performance without the assistance of DSP (digital signal processing). The A.C.E. (Analog Cabinet Emulator) is an active analog cabinet emulator designed to offer guitarists a portable and convenient way to capture the complex characteristics of a guitar speaker cabinet for a variety of recording (silent* or in a studio) and live performance applications without the use of a microphone.