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Prince a Modern Jimi ?

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Prince a Modern Jimi ? - We mourn the passing of the legendary Prince, who I am embaressed to say I was not a fan of for all his pop darling songs. But as his career got more concrete he did emerge with a Jimi vibe, the look, the clothing,  etc. But to my surprize the guy could play his ass off. He had the chops, the guitar tone, the aggression that made even me love him. The guitar shapes etc, mmm but when he went to the blonde amber telecaster with the tor guard I was down with him. Actually as he got older I think he enjoy playing more than anything else. In fact I would be so bold to say he was one of the last guys to get up and Jam It Out...long solos, vibe, phrasing. He was not a gear nut, mostly used Boss pedals, his guitar custom made, his amps ? But besides playing his ass off, the guy had killer tone.

Prince you were not a pop darling to me, but you bet your ass you where a guitar hero ! Get to the club tonight, sit in with Jimi, last set. There is a Red House Over Yonderrrr...........you will be missed.