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I want the 100W Head Sound !

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I want the 100W Head Sound ! So many players today still live for the days of old when you plugged into a 100W Stack guitar amp and hit that A Chord and the room exploded. The sustain, the depth, the power DAMM you felt like a rock star, you played like a star (well you thought you did), you looked cool as shit, and it just was the bomb !

Note: Most of the stacks you saw at shows where props !

Ohhh silly youth ! Did we forget the dragging around of the 4 x 12 speaker cab, they never fit in the trunk. Dragging it up or down 2 flights of stair. Then the head, ok that thing was like a brick but ROCK N ROLL ! In an out of the van, to the house, to the garage, to the basment KILL ME ! Then the silly volume, OK THE DANGEROUS volume, I once did a show with the Ramones, I was on the side stage next to Johnny's Stack, I didn't hear right for a week. What ? I probably still don't I probably have hearing loss. You just can NOT play that loud any longer, second their is NO NEED TO ! Stack's are the caveman era of guitar player rock n roll, when the amp was not mic'ed. You needed that monster to be hear THAT WAS YOUR PA ! Today Billy Gibbon's plays Madison Square Garden with a Tweed Champ, true ! I was there I saw it backstage. 

The biggest thing is no one will LET you play that loud. At home ? Get a divorce lawyer, or your kid's will be up all night. At a show, when's the last time you played out ? No one want's loud bands any longer, people will leave. So guys turn their stacks down or get an attenuator, but the biggest problem is you have TOO much amp. Get a 15W to 20W amp with GREAT clean tone. Add some overdrive and distortion guitar pedals and your off to tone city !