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Happy Birthday Les Paul

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Happy Birthday Les Paul - Lester William Polsfuss AKA Les Paul, born 1915, would have been 101 today June 9th. What a career, what an influence, what an inventor this man was. His electric guitar contributions of the solid body are all around us with the guitar that holds his name the Gibson Les Paul. Emanating from his first electric guitar creation "The Log" he worked with all the early builder's to redefine guitar as we know it to the define the "electric" guitar. He finally worked with Gibson to produce his acclaimed "Les Paul" model as early as 1952 with the P90 model. It wasn't till 1958 that his model would finally receive the new "Humbucker" pickups his buddy Seth Lover was working on. 

Les was tremendous musician in his day having countless hits with Mary Ford his wife of the time. His speed up guitar parts and solo's confonded players with his speed, most did not know of his inventions to speed up time. His engineering works of multi-tap tape echo's, multi-track recording, on and on prove his musical genius and how far he was ahead of the curve. But at the end of the day Les was a musician, playing at Fat Tuesday's Jazz club in NYC almost till his death at 94 in 2006. 

Les you have impacted anyone and everyone's life who is reading this tiny article. We thank you for your music, your work, and the baddest ass guitars ever made.