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Guitarist Lonnie Mack Dead at 74


Guitarist Lonnie Mack Dead at 74- Lonnie Mack the first guy I saw use a Gibson Flying V with a Bigbsy with some crazy hardware store way of bracing the wings so they didn't break. Great Player, Old Bluesman a dying breed, he played a lot of cool late 50s and early 60s guitar style music, a bit cooler than the Ventures etc. Check him doing Chuck Berrys Memphis instrumental style LINK CLICK ! 

Guitarist and vocalist Lonnie Mack, known as one of rock’s first true guitar heroes—and a major influence on Stevie Ray Vaughan—died Thursday, April 21, of natural causes at Centennial Medical Center near his home in Smithville, Tennessee. He was 74. His early instrumental recordings—including "Wham!" and "Memphis"—influenced many of rock's greatest players, including Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Keith Richards and Jimmy Page.