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Guitar Playing Still Moves Us ?

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Guitar Playing Still Moves Us ? - I have been running Musictoyz.com for over 20 years, and been playing the 6 strings for over 40. Holy shit 40 years I can not believe it. The past few years I have questioned if all this guitar stuff at work, in life, more importantly in me is still moved by the sounds of the roar of the amp. I had a customer text me and said thank you for your passion. Passion, mmm I guess I still do love this stuff. Sunday I was finishing a Tru-Fi Colorsound for a customer, and I plugged in and grabbed my SG and just hit 5 notes to test the pedal. The growl, the tone, I can't explain it, I don't have to to you guys "the guitar players", the notes swelled then feed back into themselves as I held them. Good god it was just magic FIVE NOTES ! It was like I was 10 and I heard "Taking Care of Business" by BTO on my sisters AM radio in her 1973 Ford Pinto. I will never forget that day, driving on Jericho Turnpike in Westbury NY, I didn't know what it was on the radio. But man those power chords, I knew that was bad ass.\

So here we are all these years laters, thru the youth phase, the punk phase, the Zappa phase, Metal phase, the Jazz/Fusion phase, the Satch phase, the Pink Floyd phase, the Jam Band phase, the Jane's Addiction Phase, Jimi Phase, rack phase, pedal phase, big amp, small amp, strat, les paul, hollowbody - Yes!!! guitar playing still moves me, playing those 5 notes, or hearing "Taking Care of Business" it's a life long passion, a blessing, a god send, it's magic. I hope it is for you, take out your guitar crank it up, listen to your favorite artist, the sound of the guitar is still in us.