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Guitar Playing Fustration

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NoGuitar Playing Fustration - Fustration, the killer of the vibe ! We have all had it, your gonna have it, the key though is how we deal with it and get thru it. Just starting to play, hmm it starts to kick in when we try to learn the bone crushing rock barre chord. U do not know quit how to get all the strings fretted with one finger and it just sounds like crap. But you keep pushing on and get to the level of being a player. But then you want to do harder things and it's just not working. We start to get gear and one night all your gear sounds like crap, just mud, dirt, crappy tone. Your recording something and you just can't get the part, or play it all the way thru and god forbid you do a punch in. It has to be the total piece played perfect. Hmm that mine and you stew and stew and you finally explode....I hate the Fen guitar.

No you don't you wouldn't have wanted to learn or HAVE learned to play if you did. You have had fustration and actually gotten thru it. Your just fustrated because you want to be better. Take a breath, this is why you are good, or getting better because you push yourself. So on one hand fustration is good, your out of your comfort zone, pushing new areas. You keep pushing and you will get better. We all remember Nigel screaming at David St Hubens "You can't play the guitar anymore because of your girlfriend" "I am losing my mind" - recording fustration ! 

What to do. One chill out, either call it a night, or as I try - unplug all the pedals, turn the distortion off. Maybe some echo and just play for 15 mins some chords. Simple chords, damm this sounds so pure, wait is this why I love guitar. Wait I do love guitar. LET's go again. 

You will get better, your gear will sound wonderful tonefully again. In the words of Winston Churchill "Never give up, Never give up" Now plug in, jam out and LOVE WHAT YOU DO !