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Fox Rox Electronics Aquavibe

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Fox Rox Electronics Aquavibe - We got more Fox Rox Aquavibes and Octrons in today, and I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Dave Fox for making some the highest quality guitar pedals in the world. All his products are just some of the finest constructed pedals out today, just great guitar tone and craftmanship that is just old school.

The Aquavibe is a Univibe type guitar pedal that is NOT easy for a small builder to build correct and Fox just kills it. The tone is so correct that Jimi and Trower just jump out of the dials when you plug in a slow sweep. Fox has been a guitar pedal leader in the Octron, Fuzz and Flanger departments and the Aquavibe is no different. If you need some Vibe lets get in the water.