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Desert Island Guitar Pedal

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Desert Island Guitar Pedal - If you were to be ship wrecked, like fall off a Cruise Ship where you had all your guitar gear with you. You then wash up on shore and the guitar gods stop you as your walking to shore and inform you. You may only take one pedal. Just one guitar pedal till your rescued, and in fact it maybe for the rest of your days : What would it be ? Just one pedal overdrive, fuzz, distortion, modulation, echo, delay, wah wah you can take one. You will have your amp, your guitar and two chords but you can only walk up the beach with one guitar pedal. Well does my amp make distortion, channel switching ? That is huge, if I had distortion in the amp I am going with delay. Those three tones, clean, distortion and delay and I am pretty good for all of time left. But if I had let's a Fender Twin amplifier I may have to for go the delay pedal and bring along a overdrive. What is the world without gain and distortion overdrive. 

Which pedal's are they, well will leave that up to you on Facebook ? Name the type of pedal and the model !