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Wah and Fuzz Pedal Play Nice ?


Wah and Fuzz Pedal Play Nice ? - Since the beginning of PF time, that is Post Fuzz there has always been debate of what goes first the Wah or the Fuzz ? Well you can always try anything you like, as that is the spirit of music to experiment. But for some basic things of impedance matching and not wanting to fuzz your Wah pedal. It has been a general rule that the Wah will come first in the chain. If the Fuzz was to go first it's natural low impedance will suck tone, create crackle, noise and just kinda sound like shit. 

There for you Wah Wah pedal will start off your chain and then plug your gain monsters in second. This will give you the best chance for tonal nirvana, even though this is still open for debate. The output impedance of your wah and the input impedance of your fuzz don’t get along together. They form a feedback network together, and at a certain audible frequency feed it back and amplify it through the fuzz until it reaches a peak value. You have just made an oscillator, and in fact it is usually tunable by changing the position of your wah?


Philip Sayce Modern Master

One of my FAV live performances Philip Sayce a cross between Lenny and Jimi and well Philip !! KILLER TONE just watch the video clip. This guy has chops, great vocals, and can just flat out play. I do feel bad for him if it was 30 years ago he would be a star, but [...]

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BUGGFX Daydream Guitar Delay

BUGGFX Daydream Guitar Delay - What a GREAT pedal this is delay is !!! I heard it on a board, and had to call them ASAP. So musical, so unique, so trippy, and beautiful The BuGGFX Daydream is a unique multi-band filtered delay. The signal is split into multiple parallel paths, individually delayed and filtered, then [...]

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Empress EchoSystem IS IN STOCK AGAIN !

Empress EchoSystem IS IN STOCK AGAIN ! - Empress EchoSystem sells out everytime it shows up with reason. It is just a killer delay so powerful and natual like NO OTHER. The boys in Canada sent some down to us, they should be here Wednesday Spanning the gambit of known delay possibilities and beyond, the Echosystem [...]

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Mu-Tron III Is Shipping Again !

Mu-Tron III Is Shipping Again ! - The Mu-Tron III the original envelope filter for that pure Jerry Wah Wah sound is back and shipping. They sell out fast and are hard to keep in stock so if you want one please order asap. The Mu-Tron III was based on a Guild prototypes called the Timbre [...]

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Suhr Alexa ALL Analog Chorus and Vibrato

Suhr Alexa ALL Analog Chorus and Vibrato - to me the finest chorus guitar pedal ever made was the Big Boss CE-1 from 1976 just so fat and lush. Well if you want that sound you need to go Analog and that is what the Suhr Alexa has done here with old school bucket brigade [...]

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David Gilmour’s Big Muffs

David Gilmour’s Big MuffsFew pedals are as Gilmourish as the legendary Big Muff. It’s been featured on some of David’s best performances including perhaps the greatest solo of all time – Comfortably Numb. In this feature we’ll look at the different models employed on the albums and tours.The Big Muff was designed by Electro Harmonix [...]

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Klon KTR Next Batch Next Week !

Klon KTR Next Batch Next Week ! The Famous Klon KTR pedal is coming next week, as always these will sell out next week so if you want to grab the famous boost crunch overdrive pedal you need to jump now. The Klon is a legendary pedal created by William Finnegan that has been copied but [...]

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Tru-Fi Colordriver in Chrome

Tru-Fi pedals has been building a ton of Colordriver's this week but this one in polished aluminum is just killer. It's a take off of the Colorsound Power Driver and or Overdriver and was used by Jeff Beck and David Gilmour. This guitar fuzz pedal's have GREAT tone and look amazing retro vintage cool. 

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Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe 2nd Batch !

Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe 2nd Batch ! - We have the 2nd Batch of Belle Epoch's from Catalinbread the Deluxe Super Duper Maestro Echoplex pedal, with the killer pre-amp section and warm chorus like echo. These pedals sold out in an hour last time so do not WAIT !  Click To GoCatalinbread produces killer pedals [...]

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