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Tru-Fi to release Supa Fuzz and Zosa Fuzz Bakelite Version

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Zosa and Supa Fuzz Bakelite Board Release - in about a week Tru-Fi will be releasing Zosa and Supa Fuzz's in special limited bakelite board models. True to the original version of these wonderful Fuzz pedals in the 1960s when they had bakelite circuit boards. This makes the Fuzz's so closer to original fuzz and in the very cool Tru-Fi Fuzz enclosures. Vox Tonebenders and Marshall Supa Fuzz's where the start of the guitar pedal craze that changed music and gear starting in 1966. Checkout www.tru-fi.com for updates

Look for release date next week. 

MXR Mini Dyna Comp Compressor Guitar Pedal

MXR Mini Dyna Comp Compressor Guitar Pedal - The classic Red Compressor from MXR is now available in a more pedalboard real estate mini size. You get the same tone and usage but in a smaller package for those who don't want to tote around a big board. Really you just need a mini compressor, [...]

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PettyJohn PreDrive Studio Guitar Pedal

PettyJohn PreDrive Studio Guitar Pedal - PettyJohn re-released it PreDrive Studio pedal which has a blurry line between studio pre-amp and guitar pedal. I think the possibility of going right from guitar to PA or ProTools is pretty incredible. Powered by two Studio Grade Discrete Opamps, the PreDrive Studio builds on the original PreDrive and LIFT [...]

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Way Huge Russian Pickle Fuzz

Way Huge Russian Pickle Fuzz - Way Huge has bottled the Tall Font Russian Big Muff in this one. Great FAT guitar tone galore, that just is so sweet and smooth. Looking for that elusive “tall font” black Russian fuzz tone? Unless you can find a collector’s piece, the Way Huge Russian-Pickle Fuzz pedal is as [...]

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Sale of the Day !

Retro Sonic Chorus Ensemble...there are only 2 left, they need to go to a good home !! Few Bucks OFF to get them gone !  CLICK TO GO ! 

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Fulltone Custom Shop Price Reduction

Fulltone Custom Shop Price Reduction - Fulltone has reduced prices on the Custom Shop line. Which includes the SS Tape Echo which is also in stock. The incredible WAHFULL wah cock guitar pedal that just gives your tone that honk and mid-range you love. The CS-1 mini deja vibe that is smaller than ever, and [...]

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Flash Sale for 12 Hours

Flash Sale for 12 Hours - For the next 12 hours the MXR Shin-Juku Guitar pedal is in a flash sale. WHY ? Well we sold ton's of these before they gave them to the big box guys, now we have 7 left sitting here. They only made 2000 of them, but we won't them [...]

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Seymour Duncan Jimi Hendrix Guitar Pickups

Seymour Duncan Jimi Hendrix Guitar Pickups - Seymour Duncan has re-created the magic of the Jimi tone in his late 60s strats. On a chilly evening in March of 1968, Jimi Hendrix asked a young Seymour W. Duncan to walk his guitar up onstage. That Strat was loaded with pickups Seymour had wound just for Jimi, and [...]

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DSM Noisemaker Guitar Pedals

DSM Noisemaker Guitar Pedals - DSM from Chile has pooped on the pedal scene with some just tremendous products. The OmniCabSimulator is just an incredible tool for desktop recording, or line out gig. Just dial it in and you sound like a Marshall stack is next to you. Their new Driver Maker is the tonal [...]

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FuzzHugger Pedals

FuzzHugger Pedals - Algae Bloom, Velcrobot, and Sonic Bloom pedals are all unique and wonderful creations made by hand in the USA. Very unique creations of fuzz and disorder that are not your normal Boss style safe guitar pedal. These push the sonic limits of your mind ! 

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